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L2Anarchy is a free to play, so everyone can enjoy the world of Lineage II for free, but the server has some costs.

By purchasing Donate Coin you will be helping the server grow and keep all your services available full time. You can purchase various items in the game and enjoy their gameplay more comfortably.

Terms to receive your reward (Donate Coin).
When donating, be aware that you have no privilege before other players. Everyone is subject to the same rules and punishments.

We are not responsible for the security and destination of the item after it has been delivered to your character. We will not refund anything if you lose them by the standard features of the game or by some carelessness with the security of your account.

We will not, in any case, refund the money of the purchase, however, we guarantee the delivery of the reward (Donate Coin) to your selected character within the terms and conditions established below.

How to do the DONATION and receive the Donate Coin?
When you reach the end of these terms, select the payment gateway that you would like to use to make the DONATION

Choose the amount that will be DONATION to help the server.

Perform the DONATION any way you want, such as ticket, card, etc …

After the DONATION is confirmed by the payment portal, send a message to our Facebook (or fill out the confirmation form) with your verified information.

The deadline for delivery of the Donate Coin is up to 48 hours after confirmation for us to confirm the data (we do not have an automatic system yet, but we will soon be providing it).

We thank everyone for their DONATION, this investment is applied to the server, to keep it online, to apply upgrades, to pay for protections, and among other things that are for the improvement of it.

Disputes on payment sites, Chargeback attempts or fraudulent attitudes will not be tolerated. In these cases we will block your accounts until the problem is evaluated and resolved, and the blocking can be permanent depending on what happened.


  1. You will not try to recover the money donated to the L2Anarchy server.
  2. You will not open DISPUTE or ANSWER or attempt to recover the amount DONATED through PayPal, PayPal or other means!
  3. You understand that this is an ACT OF VOLUNTARY DONATION and is not refundable or objectionable at any time or for any reason.
  4. Any attempt to fraud the system of DONATION will lead to the permanent removal of your account (s).
  5. Being a GIVER does not give you any privilege. You will have the same rights as the other players.
  6. If the reward received in gratitude for a DONATION is stolen, lost or misplaced we will not be responsible for its recovery.
  7. Remembering all donations are final, no one will force you to make a DONATION to our server!
  8. Suspension: Infringed the terms of DONATION the account is suspended temporarily, if it occurs again is banned without return!
  9. Refund: After the delivery of the reward by DONATION (Donate Coin) the withdrawal of donations does not apply in reimbursement of any amount or any reason.
  10. If you do not agree to these terms, do not send your DONATION. By submitting a DONATION, you have agreed to all of these terms.
  11. Not being aware of these terms or not having read them, it will not be an excuse to have GIVEN and ask for refund or bring a lawsuit against our staff or server.